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Hello!  We are Ellie and Elizabeth, and between the two of us we teach piano, guitar and all the band instruments.  We have been teaching in Chanhassen for over 20 years.  Our studio location is the lower level of Ellie's home - a nice cozy setting for learning music!  Elizabeth also has in-home lesson routes where she travels to the student's home to teach lessons, and Ellie is continuing to offer the convenience of online lessons via Zoom.  We are looking forward to sharing the joy of music with your family!

ELLIE teaches

  • Piano, Flute, Oboe, Saxophone
  • Beginning Trumpet, Trombone,
    Clarinet, Percussion and Ukulele

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Contact Ellie about available times!

More about Ellie:

  • K-12 Music Degree
  • Taught music in schools
  • Arranges and composes
  • Strong ADD/ADHD teaching skills
  • Active in local MVRMTA teacher group


  • Piano, Guitar, French Horn,
    Trumpet, Clarinet, Saxophone
  • Beginning Percussion, Flute,
    Trombone, Oboe, Violin, Cello

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Contact Elizabeth about available times!

  • Performed in marching band, jazz band, choir
  • Garage Band projects
  • Strong theory and technique on several instruments
  • Electronic music composer and performer
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    Lessons at the Studio - View Policy

    Location: Close to the library in downtown Chanhassen
    Teacher: Ellie
    Monthly tuition: $103


    In-Home Lessons - View Policy

    Routes: Victoria, Carver and Chaska
    Teacher: Elizabeth
    Monthly tuition: $115
  • Summer Lessons

    2023 Calendar

    Summer is a great time to try music lessons!

    For summer-only band students, new students, or students who are not quite sure if they would like to do lessons, we offer a Summer session of between 6-8 lessons. The Summer session package is $240 for Ellie's students and $268 for Elizabeth's in-home students.

    We are open for 11 weeks in the Summer (the week of June 12th - the week of August 21st). You pick the weeks that work with your schedule. Ideally the lessons would be at the same day/time each week, but we know how Summer schedules go! So we keep things flexible and you can schedule lessons for different times - there are many other students who will be doing the same thing.

    For the students who are doing the Summer session as a "trial run" for lessons, Ellie and Elizabeth will be looking for available times for you in their Fall schedules. That way if/when you decide you would like to continue lessons and officially join the studio as a student on the roster they will know if there is a spot for you or not. You can check out pricing/policy details for rostered students in the 'Policies' tab above.

Fall A

Students get back to "hitting the books" (and many times starting a new lesson book) after their fun summer projects. Many students find they have increased their skill and confidence!

Fall B

We wrap up the term with some fun Holiday music and a mini-recital that family members are invited to. For many of the beginners, this is their first performance experience!

Course Winter

Winter A

The students begin work on their recital piece while continuing to progress in their lesson books, learning many new concepts along the way. They will also improve their technical abilities and practice strategies through recital preparation as they work to perfect and memorize their recital piece.

Winter B

Students focus exclusively on their recital piece to ramp up to their performance in the recital. We wrap up with a review of concepts, planning for summer and a fun final week of music games that family members are invited to participate in!


This is the time where the students really connect with music! After 9 months of the teacher telling the student what to do, now the students get to tell the teacher what they would like to do! Trying a new instrument, composing, Garage Band projects, recording projects, preparing a family recital and playing out of "fun" books are just some of the possibilities. The students use their creativity and self-expression as they work on compositions and projects, and they make new discoveries about music through learning new instruments. These personalized summer activities help remind the students that music is a part of them, and not just a set of symbols, rules and information. This re-connection to their "music within" helps students develop a stronger connection to the music on the page, and gives them lots of new ways to enjoy music!!